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The F & W Lawn Care & Landscaping is a US national Contractor company located in Bloomington, Illinois. To figure out why customers choose F & W Lawn Care & Landscaping and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Cassandra Newman
    Posted Jul, 18 2019
    We have worked with F&W for 2 years now. We have always had billing issues where they would go out without telling us and somehow have back to back bills and service without notice. That was always understandable at times, until last summer when the dry weather came. That summer we had little to no rainfall. We were out of town almost all of July and August. F&W came out to our home 4 times in that month putting chemicals down, with no rainfall or watering. We got no notice of them coming out, nor did we get a call telling us our yard was going south. No one talked to us about ways to keep it healthy etc. We just had bills left at our door. When we returned we found dry grass of course but in the areas where they sprayed chemicals the yard was fried. It was obvious that the chemicals burned certain areas. We called them to discuss this and they said the yard is a total loss and needs to be replaced, for 5K and they would do it. We didn't understand how when we were paying them 500 that summer how on their watch the yard could be a total loss. Never was there flags raised to increase watering or treaments to save it. The yards across from us, that are vacant were fine, so it wasn't just the dry weather. This was obviously chemicals. We called other places to get opinions and they too said it was from the hot weather and chemicals. The owner refused to take any responsibility. Not even work with us and pay half. They said no. So we are left with a dead yard and they are not willing to do anything. We are understanding people and this was just not good customer service.
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